The road to becoming a SUSS Trip Supervisor (TS)

Trip Supervisors

Without Trip Supervisors there is no SUSS.

What is a SUSS Trip Supervisor (TS)

The Trip Supervisor is an experienced caver who is responsible for the health and safety of all participants on any given trip. They are not necessarily the organiser of the trip (Trip Organiser/ TO) although sometimes, people may be in both positions.

The TS has ultimate control over any given trip and will decide when it is safe or unsafe to cave and advise participants of anything they may be required to do or not do in order to keep a trip running safely.

Why do we need them?

Without Trip supervisors, SUSS can’t run any trips. It’s that simple and really important for everyone who comes caving with us regularly to consider their involvement as a potential TS for SUSS as without them we can’t go caving!

How does someone become a SUSS TS

SUSS has an internal training system in place to ensure that all of our trip supervisors are experienced and highly trained to safely lead a caving trip.

I would suggest following a pathway similar to this:

  1. Attend a bunch of caving trips in a variety of areas as a participant. This is how you gain confidence, skill and knowledge of caves and caving techniques such as how to move through a cave safely, reading maps, abseiling, rigging etc…
  2. Once you feel confident as a caver its time to download the SUSS Trip Supervisor form/s and start bringing it along with you on trips. The forms are simply a list of tasks where you will need to prove competence to an existing SUSS TS. Some of the tasks are merely a conversation whilst others will need to be observed out in the field. Recently, we have created a two-tier system as we know being relatively new to single rope technique (SRT) can be a daunting experience. We now have a horizontal TS for purely horizontal trips (caving/ canyoning/ bushwalking etc..) and a vertical TS for all levels of adventure!
  3. In addition to regular trips SUSS will run training days, these are the perfect time to bring your form along and show off all of your new skills or practice some new ones whilst getting a TS to assess and sign you off as competent.
  4. You will need a First Aid certificate to at least the level of Provide First Aid (HLTAID003, this used to be called ‘senior first aid’)
  5. Once everything is done, its time to send your form to the committee so that the Safety Officer and SUSS Executive can assess your case and approve your status as a SUSS Trip Supervisor!

Still have questions?

If you have any questions about how to become a SUSS TS you can have a chat to any of the current trip supervisors or the safety officer for more information!