SUSS cavers looking out over the Cooleman Plain.

Trip List

All upcoming trips are listed here. Email the trip leader to sign up.

All trips are suitable for beginners, unless otherwise stated. It is YOUR responsibility to inform the trip supervisor of any relevant medical conditions which may in any way affect your fitness, such as diabetes, asthma and the like. There will usually be costs involved when going on any trip. Check the Beginner’s Handbook for information on the expected costs, for area-specific information, and general info about caving. Alternatively, ask the trip coordinator or your driver if you still have doubts about how much a trip will cost you.

PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to join a trip, please get in touch with the trip leader and let them know 2 weeks prior to the trip (you may be able to sign up closer to the time but this is dependent on numbers):

  • Your previous experience with caving (if none, that’s okay!)
  • What suburb you are leaving from and if you require a ride or can provide one for others
  • If you need to borrow SUSS gear. Things you’ll need for the trips that can be borrowed from SUSS include:
    • helmets
    • head torches (bring your own batteries - 8 x AA)
    • overalls
    • tents
  • No pets on trips

For more information, please read through our Beginners Handbook.



11-12 Jenolan
SUSS’s usual caving base that’s opened after a long wait
Trip Organiser: Lily Guo (

18 – 19 Tuglow
A great caving area that’s finally opening up again, so why not check it out. Known to be very wet for any wet cave lovers :)
Trip Organiser: Phil Maynard (


1-2 Jenolan - cancelled due to logistics issues

15 or 16 SRT Training day
Time to learn the ropes
Trip Organiser: Phil Maynard (

22 Canyoning
Get a few more in before the cold sets in
Trip Organiser: Phil Maynard (

17 - 29 ASF conference Ceduna
Join Us For 5 Days Of Speleological Fun During A Conference Which Will Focus On Australia’s Largest Karst Region - The World-Renowned Nullarbor Plain.
Register here

29 - 30 Colong
Spectacular caves in a slightly more remote area
Trip Organiser: Phil Maynard (


13-14 Jenolan
SUSS’s usual caving base that’s opened after a long wait
Trip Organiser: Lily Guo (

27-28 Tuglow
Definetely one of the best river caves in NSW
Trip Organiser: Rod (


3-4 Kempsey
Time to head north
Trip Organiser: Phil Maynard (

9-11 Jenolan
SUSS’s usual caving base that’s opened after a long wait
Trip Organiser: Rowena (

Jenolan Trip Dates 2023

  • 14-15 January
  • 11-12 February
  • 11-12 March
  • 1-2 April
  • 13-14 May
  • 10-11 June
  • 1-9 July
  • 12-13 August
  • 9-10 September
  • 14-15 October
  • 11-12 November
  • 2-10 December

Wombeyan Trip Dates 2022

  • 26-27 Feb
  • 26-27 Mar
  • 30 Apr-1 May
  • 28-29 May